Fullname: 'XLR8-Games This is War Public API by Hendrik 'Xendo' Meyer'

Help file

How to call the API:
In order to Call the API you need to go to:

Multiple API Calls can be transferred through separizing them by a '&'
e.g. http://tiwapitest.ti.ohost.de/api.php?apicall1=123&apicall2=456&apicall3=789 etc.

Valid API Calls:

APIKey - HAS TO BE PROVIDED, IF NOT YOU'LL SEE THIS SCREEN! USE 'test' IF YOU DON'T HAVE ONE. Used to authenticate to the API. You can use 'test' if you dont have one, but you cannot access all functions then
CheckKey - Checks a Key if it is Valid or not. If Vaild outputs the 'exclusive' value(0/1), which defines a PromoCode
Create Account (not in Test-Mode!) - Creates an Account. Please Provide: User, Password, EMail, RealName, Key
Activate Account - Activates an Account. Please Provide: User, ActivationKey
GetUpdateLink - Line 1 Outputs a unformatted link in Textform, Line 2 Outputs a clickable Link. NO USABLE LINKS, YET!
Version - Outputs the Version of the API

Copyright 2012 (C) by XLR8-Games & Hendrik Meyer